Your Faith Farms

Family owned and operated farm in the City of South Fulton, GA. This 30 Acre farm specializes in raising grass fed beef, lamb, and goat. Nestled close to the city of Atlanta, this unique farm has an urban feel with a rural touch.

RATHSI Publishing

Self Publishing at it finest. Founded in 2008, RATHSI Publishing has taken clients from idea to published author with over 300+ books in circulation.

Reaching Back 4U Global Foundation

“The Only Way to Achieve Success, is to REACH BACK and Take Someone With You!” The Muhammad family non-profit organization, Reaching Back 4U Global Foundation, is dedicated to aiding families through agricultural education, business development, and family culture.

Leadership Presentation & Workshops

Patrick is a sought out speaker with captivating delivery. Specializing in leadership and personal development, his presentation are backed by over 20+ years of educational and organizational leadership experience.